Network Infrastructure

Efficient network design that lets you maximize business IT

We optimize your IT infrastructure to ensure maximum employee productivity and operational efficiency.


An efficient network infrastructure connects multiple devices and systems seamlessly. No matter the type — foundational networking hardware, software, process, services , or facilities — each aspect should be able to communicate with one another in order for the network to be optimal. A poorly designed infrastructure will result in frequent downtime and reduced productivity.

This is where the ClearFuze’s Network Infrastructure experts can help. We work diligently to build an infrastructure based on your goals and needs so you can collaborate without interruptions, streamline workflow effectively, and ensure data and business security.

ClearFuze can help you with:
  • Wired Networks/Wide Area Network (WAN) – deliver dependable, uninterrupted network access to authorized users
  • Wireless Networks/Local Area Network (LAN) – supplement wired networks with the convenience of mobility and BYOD
  • Network Security – we protect your network from malware and hacker intrusion and help you address compliance issues