Data Security

Enterprise-class data protection for your business’s lifeblood

We implement first-class defenses to prevent hackers from breaching your systems and stealing your data.


A data loss event due to malware or hacker intrusion has catastrophic consequences. Your business will suffer prolonged downtime and plummeting productivity and bottom line. Not only that, you could face fines and litigation for noncompliance issues and putting your customers' private information at risk.

You can avoid all of these by simply signing up for our Data Security solution. Our team of experts will safeguard your company's critical data and your clients' sensitive information. We will also review your systems and processes regularly and make recommendations to ensure that you meet industry regulations.

ClearFuze’s Managed IT Services lets you enjoy:
  • Penetration Testing – challenge the effectiveness of your security protocol in a controlled environment
  • Encryption – protect data in storage or during transfer
  • Vulnerability Management – gain visibility into your IT systems to better mitigate risks
  • Employee Training – we train your staff on industry best practices and how to stop phishing attempts