Cloud Services

Next-gen solutions that boost mobility and productivity

We enable your team to securely collaborate in real time, no matter the time, location, or device.


There is an increasingly popular trend in modern businesses — a mobile workforce. Your team needs to be freed from the restraints of an office desktop and be able to work whenever, wherever. However, to leverage these advantages, your staff will require uninterrupted access to their files and applications on any internet-connected device. That is where our Cloud Services can help.

Working via the cloud simply means that data and systems are delivered via the internet along with IT management and maintenance. Sign up for our Cloud Services and we will help you choose the best cloud model (public, private, or hybrid) for your needs and seamlessly migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Transitioning to ClearFuze’s Cloud Services gives you:
  • Easy scalability – with solutions that grow along your business
  • Tailored services – we build your IT solutions according to your goals and needs
  • Convenient mobility – access files and applications from anywhere, anytime
  • Reduced costs – with fast returns on your IT investment
  • Reliable technology – say goodbye to hardware failures and data loss