The Los Angeles IT Cybersecurity Leader: Part 2

The Los Angeles IT Cybersecurity Leader: Part 2


ClearONE Cybersecurity Measures Protect Small Companies

In part one of this series, we reviewed the many threats that can take down your business with a single click. We know how easy it is to make a mistake. That is why our cybersecurity protections are comprehensive and constantly reviewed for potential improvements. These include advanced antivirus endpoint and threat protection, managed patching and cloud-managed equipment across the board. Your network structure is cleaned up and organized. For areas where it improves efficiency and performance, applications are switched to the cloud. Below we’ll go through the ClearONE cybersecurity measures you’ll receive when you get onboard.

Endpoint Encryption

Every tech device used by your staff—including smartphones—is vulnerable to threats. That’s why endpoint encryption is deployed across the entire environment. Our tools monitor and block risky, malicious activities. With ClearONE endpoint encryption, if somebody loses sensitive data on a particular machine, it is complete gibberish to the thief.

Cloud Authentication

The cloud authentication systems utilized in ClearONE include the replacement of firewalls, switches and wireless access points with ClearFuze cloud-managed equipment. Anything that penetrates that firewall triggers an immediate alert. These safety measures are put into place across all of your platforms, even when your team is working remotely.

Gateway Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Our IDS includes a component on each company workstation. The same protective functions remain in place for intrusion prevention whether you’re sitting in the office or tying into airport WiFi.

Patch Management Solution

One of the simplest ways to ensure the security of your data is by applying a consistent patch management solution. New software updates are released almost daily; it is imperative to bring on accountable and responsible IT assistance.

Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering Service

Our DNS filtering service also runs on every workstation in your entire environment. This prevents many of the threats posed by phishing and ransomware. That’s not all — Your ClearFuze IT managers will put your team through our end-user security training program. This is included in onboarding and includes reports to leadership.

Data Security for Los Angeles

Passwords: The ClearONE centralized password management solution includes a single sign-on setup for employees and a password vault for management.

Remote locking of workstations: Keep your data safe even when you’re thousands of miles away by being able to lock the workstation remotely.

IT Security for Los Angeles Businesses

Regulations such as GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act and The Consumer Privacy Rights Act were all crafted to protect businesses and the consumers utilizing their services. And they’re necessary for compliance requirements, but beyond that is needed to protect your business against hackers.

A customized managed IT solution with proactive cybersecurity defenses may be the difference between your business surviving—or thriving. Contact ClearFuze today to schedule a free consultation, including a comprehensive overview of the suite of cybersecurity solutions from ClearONE.